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New Blazor full-stack training workshop

FeatherSoft is offering a complete end-to-end full-stack training bootcamp for Mircosoft's Blazor Server.


  • Understand the Blazor platform, build UIs with components
  • Compose components, utilize data binding and event handling
  • Use a 3rd party component library
  • Build Blazor pages and configure routing
  • Deploy a Blazor Server application to production
  • Consume server data, handle authentication and authorization


  • C# programming experience
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development experience
  • ASP.NET Core experience

Fee per seat - $2295

Welcome! Why Choose Us?

Since its humble beginning in the year 2008 FeatherSoft Inc. is committed to deliver the Quality IT solutions to match customer's ever changing needs in IT landscape. We understand the client's requirements to the root, study and analyze the business logic and develop state of the art software. Every day, we bring our clients' most complex projects to life and we boost their performance through our expertise in technologies and innovation processes. Where creative ideas become a reality, right avenue step up to transform them into innovative solutions that results in progress and prosperity.


Our passion is designing, developing, and deploying complex enterprise business applications. We deliver transformational business solutions using leading technologies.

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CRM / ERP / CloudSolutions

We strive to work for growth and easy maintenance of your business processes through our innovative solutions, that lets you control your business with greater efficiencies and manage cost control.

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Web / E-CommerceDevelopment

Web Applications & E-Commerce not only save time and money but allows for effective collaboration with your partners and clients. FeatherSoft believe in delivering user friendly solutions which are state of the art, highly intuitive, high performance, scalable and cost effective.

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SEO / Social MediaIntegration

A professionally done search engine optimization can bring your product/services to the world faster. We can help you to make your websites listed in main search engines and ranking. Our Social Media integration and marketing services will get you more clients knocking on your door.

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Our Philosophy

Your Trust

Your trust compels us to deliver what’s best for you every time, that’s what we call a great partnership. We take your complexity as a challenge and get the job done. We share common values with our customers, values such as craftsmanship, creativity and vision.

Our Talent

FeatherSoft has talent pool with the best in architecture and application development using latest and the greatest technologies. We have small teams of highly talented people – united by a focus on real solutions for your business needs. We get the big picture and we have the capacity to deliver and stay around to support it.

Growth Together

When you grow and progress, we grow and prosper too. Our future is focused on business solutions that enables your growth. We consistently adapt to your evolving needs and be a part of your success. We are here to help you over the long-term. Your problems are our problems. Your success is our success.